Do I have to live at Oak Hammock to join  ILR?

No. The membership is open to everyone over 55, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation or prior academic experience.

What is the fee to join the ILR?

The individual membership fee is $20.00 per year.  In addition, there is a $10.00 enrollment fee for each course. For additional information go to the Membership and Registration page.

What topics are covered in ILR courses and programs?

ILR courses/programs are taught in a wide variety of topics including science and technology, literature, history, philosophy and the visual and performing arts. For more information, please refer to the Courses and Programs page.

Who teaches the ILR classes?

Courses are presented by UF and SFC faculty or by experts in particular fields.

Where are the ILR classes held?

All ILR classes are taught at the Oak Hammock campus located at 5100 SW 25th Boulevard, Gainesville. For additional information, please see the Directions page.

How do I get access to the Oak Hammock campus?

When visiting Oak Hammock, please be sure to use the front entrance off Williston Road at SW 25th Terrace.  Security will issue a pass for the campus. Just tell them you are there for an ILR course. For directions to oak Hammock, please refer to the Directions page.